Compliments About Smiling

Compliments About Smiling
Compliments About Smiling

Compliments About Smiling That Make Them Smile More: Let me count you the ways you make me smile

1- You have the most beautiful smile in the world

2- I love when you smile, you smile with your eyes

3- There so much self reassurance and confidence in your smile

4- Every time you smile, I love you more

5- Your smile warms my heart

6- You smile with all your being

7- I would like to spend my life looking at you smiling

8- Your smile is a ray of sunshine in a winters day

9- How can I make you smile like this?

10- So good to see you getting your smile back

11- You have such a touching and tender smile

12- Never stop smiling

13- I love to see you smiling when I wake up

14- There is a twinkle in your eye when you smile

15- I sometimes see myself remember your smile and it makes me smile too

16- You look so spontaneous when you smile

17- Your smile is your lucky charm

18 – Your smile touches something deep inside me

19- Seeing you smile, makes me smile

20- I forget the world when I see you smile

21- I forget myself when you smile

22- What a beautiful smile you have

23- You have dimples on your cheeks when you smile

24- I am seduced by your smile

25- Your smile is like a magnet, it’s attracting me to you

26- You are the smiliest person I’ve ever met in my life

27- Every time you look at me and smile, I feel loved

28- There is so much depth in your smile

29- You have that Mona Lisa smile

30- I can feel how happy you are from your smile

31- People do stargazing, I like to do smilegazing

32- I never realised your smile can have such an effect on me

33- You have such a magnificent smile

34- Your smile is so poetic, makes me feel like writing a poem

35- I feel like singing a love song when I see you smile

36- You look so mischievous when you smile

37- You become that small child again when you smile

38- You are so joyful when you smile

39- Your smile is like the flowers in the spring

40- You have a disarming smile

41- I can’t wait to get back home to see your smile

42- Your smile is pure happiness

43- It makes me so happy to see you smile every time

44- You have such a playful smile

45- Your smile is an instant bliss

46- Cone and hold my hands and smile

47- I feel like you hug me every tine you smile

48- Your smile is one of the little things in life that are so important to me

49- Your smiles wipes away all my sadness

50- Let me count you the ways you make me smile …


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