Cue Card : Describe your favorite restaurant.


Describe your favorite restaurant.

You should say:

where it is
what it looks like from inside and outside
what kinds of food they serve

*Model Answer:*

Thank you very much for giving me an opportunity to talk about my favourite restaurant. The name of my favourite restaurant is *The Rajdhani* and it is located at the top of  Morni Hills, the city I live in. I like it because it offers a nice environment and delicious food. Moreover, I have many pleasant memories related to this establishment. My parents celebrated some of my birthday parties over there, our college friends arranged get-together parties twice, and in one occasion, one of my cousins’ marriage ceremony was celebrated at that very place; and all these events make it special to me.

The restaurant has three floors and the sitting arrangement is extraordinary which does not compromise privacy, unlike many other restaurants. Paintings of famous artists hang on the wall and the place is clean. The interior decoration is simply gorgeous. Besides, the ground floor can park more than 50 cars. It also has a large playground for children. Finally, the front view of the restaurant is unique as it gives the aura of a green and lavish capital of *Punjab.*

The restaurant offers several dishes including continental menus, Italian, Thai, Indian and local menus on top of the delightful exotic desserts. Not to mention, the prices are reasonable and the food is served reasonably quickly, contrary to some other eateries where you have to wait for a long for your food to be served. Besides, the attendants and other staff members are friendly and they treat the guests cordially. The restaurant offers a wide range of dishes to pick from and no additional service charge is imposed on the final bill. The soft background music and instrumentals make the environment more enjoyable and soothing.

As I have said, tables are not congested and people can enjoy their personal conversations and enjoy sports on large TVs. The large glass-made windows offer the city view which makes the place worth visiting. The place is famous for dining and I have often noticed many foreign tourists visiting the restaurant. It’s a good thing that the authority invites customer feedback and comments on food, service and dining experience and they take prompt actions against customer complaints.

I would say, this is a really nice restaurant to go to and enjoy the tasty food and I like it very much.


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