Dec Speaking Part 1,2 and 3



Part 1

What is your name?

Where are you from?

House or apartment

Where do you live? A house or an apartment?

Do you think you will move to a new place?

What is your favourite room?

Work or study

Do you work or study?

Where do you work?

What would you think you need to change?

What do you do at work – your responsibilities?

How was your first day?

Where do you study?

What do you like about there?

What do you like to change about there?

Favourite colour

Did you wear bright colours when you were a child?

What colour is suitable for walls

Colour of cars


Why do you have people prefer international food?

What is the most recent international food that you tried?

When you was a child, did you eat a lot of foreign food?

Do you think the food of foreign country will be popular in your country?


Do you like rain?

Do you get a lot of rain in your city?

Do you prefer wet or dry climate?

Do you prefer to do out on rainy days?

Did you cancel your plan in the past just because of the rain?


Do you wear a watch? Why?

Do you like being on time?

Is it a part of your culture? Why?

How do you feel when someone on late? Why?

Do you usually be on time or do you often late?


What do you take on breakfast?

What do you change about your morning routine?

Was it the same when you were a child?

Lost items

What type of items do people commonly lose?

What are some ways in which you can find lost items?

Does the particular type of people tend to lose items more often than others?

Part 2

Describe something that you were wearing in a special occasion.

What was it?

When n where did you wear it?

What was the response of others?

Describe any family business you know

What is the business?

How do you know them?

What do you like about them?

Describe the time when you helped someone in his/her studies.

Who was that person?

How did you help?

How he felt by getting your help?

Describe a website you regularly use, which helped you

Which site is it?

How did you know about it?

How did it help

Describe a leisure activity

What do you do?

Where do you like to do it?

Why do you like to do this?

Describe an item that you lost?

What did you lose?

Where did you lose?

What did you do after losing?

Describe a comic actor who is popular in your country

Who is he/she

What type of person he/she is

How you came to know about him/her

Why he/she is popular

Describe a time you used public transport

When was it?

Where did you go?

Who was with you and what did you do?

Describe a faraway place that you would like to visit

Where is it?

Why do you want to go?

How will you go?

Part 3


Do you think it is better to work with a small business company or a big company? Why?
Don’t you think there is a lot of learning experience with smaller companies?
How should small companies work their way toward success?
Is it better for companies to expand internationally? What are the benefits and disadvantages?
Should the government restrict the international expansion of companies?
How will it affect the local economy?
What do you think will happen if multi-national company exit the country?


How do people in your country dress? Formal or informal?
How do you think modern clothing has affected the traditional one?
On which occasions do people wear formal clothes in your country?
Is it important to wear formal clothing or you can wear informal in most of the events?
Why do people wear formal clothes in certain jobs?
Why are there uniforms in certain professions?
Are uniforms important?


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