Expected Cue Cards May to August


Here are only cue cards sample questions for ample answers will display on the internet soon.

1] Describe a competition you visit or compete or saw in the past time.
[2] Describe a time when you were outside and rain started.
[3] Talk about a piece of furniture you have.
[4] Talk about a restaurant which provided you bad food service.
[5] Describe a comedy actor or actress which you watched on TV.
[6] Describe someone in your own family who you really admire.
[7] Talk about a person with whom you like to spend your leisure time.
[8] Describe a library you visit.
[9] Describe your favorite film.
[10] Describe one of your favorite photographs.
[11] Talk about your most favorite season in your own country.
[12] Describe your favorite restaurant.
[13] Describe a river or sea you visit.
[14] Describe a garden or park you remember.
[15] Describe one of your childhood activities.
[16] Describe a sporting event you attended.
[17] Describe an occasion when you were congratulated.
[18] Describe a very important letter you received.
[19] Describe something your own which is very important to you.
[20] Describe someone you know who is a good cook.
[21] Describe your summer holidays or vacations.
[22] Describe a teacher from your past who influenced you and you yet remember.
[23] Describe one of your neighbors.
[24] Talk about a practical skill you have.
[25] Describe a life-changing experience.
[26] Describe a club you organize or involved in.
[27] Describe an irritating person in your neighborhood.
[28] Describe something healthy you enjoy doing.
[29] Talk about a product you bought but you are not satisfied with it.
[30] Describe your first day at work or college.
[31] Talk about a funny incident that made you laugh.
[32] Describe a national festival in your country.
[33] Describe your future plan.
[34] Describe a surprise party that you organized for your friend.
[35] Describe the environmental pollution in your or another city.
[36] Talk about your favorite subject in your academic life.
[37] Describe a job or career you have or you hope to have.
[38] Talk about a pet that you had or another person had.
[39] Describe a service that was not good and you complained about it.
[40] Describe a TV programme which has made a strong impression on you.
[41] Talk about a statue in your city or hometown.
[42] Talk about your favorite music band.
[43] Talk about a time when someone did not tell you the whole truth and cheat you.
[44] A time when you wished to do something but you did not have time.
[45] Talk about something you started that is good for your health.
[46] Talk about an occasion when visitors from another country visited at your home.


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