IELTS Speaking Interview


Speaking Test in IELTS is what many candidates fear of. Yes, that is true. No matter how good you are at speaking, you may probably have some fear and this may lead to trouble for you. Therefore, at the onset itself, we would suggest that you should learn to be fearless about it and you should speak more confidently so that you can create good impression on your listener – your examiners.

IELTS Speaking Test

Ielts Speaking test will be divided into three small parts. Complete test-time would be in between 11-14 minutes. Each and every candidate will be interviewed individually. The test will be recorded for evaluation.

Part 1 – Getting Friendlier

In the first part of your test, you will get some introductory questions from your interviewer who may ask you about yourself, your family, your school, interests, preferences, your aims, your friends or some other things which can help you start conversation at a personal level and get more comfortable in speaking with the interviewer.

Some Sample Questions May Include:

Who are you? Where are you from? Are you local? Where did you complete your 10+2? What do you like the most? Do you have pets? Do you play any sport? What is your favorite pastime? What are your aims in life? Etc.

Taking You To Part 2

Well, when it comes to Part 2 of the test, you will be given one-minute time to prepare yourself for the topic, the interviewer has provided and you will have to speak for about 3 minutes on the same. Here, you will have to make sure you speak on the topic and do not just talk about the bush. One important point to be mentioned here is this: Let us say, you do not know more about the topic and you wish to speak on something else then you can ask the interviewer to give you some other topic to choose from. But, make sure you place your request in an appreciative manner.

Some Sample Topics Have Been Listed Down For Your Brief Perusal

Describe your city, the city you are born in and live?
Life without an aim is worthless – do you agree?
Can you describe your aims?
Can you talk about your favorite memory?
Do you think watching TV is bad for children?
Do you think one has to be patriotic towards one’s own country?

Part 3 Will Take You On Two-Way Route / Two-Way Conversation

Now, when you are done with Part 2 of the test, the examiner will take you to part 3 of the test. This is going to be somewhat difficult because, here, you will have to exude more confidence in what you are saying. Here, the examiner may ask you some questions pertaining to the same topic which you have got in your part 2. This two-way conversation will last for about 3-4 minutes. Suppose, you have got the following topic: “Can you describe your city?” So, here, in part 3 of the test, the examiner might ask you following questions: What are the most known historical places in your city? What is your city famous for? Which historical monuments do you like the most and why? Do you think your city is better than any other city in your country? Do you know anything related to the history of any monument in your city? What about parks? Etc.

Remember, your tone, your words, the manner of speaking will create a lot of effect on the listener, your examiner, your interviewer so make sure you speak in the right tone, making use of the right words. Speak with all confidence with no hesitation to get band 7 or above in your IELTS.


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