Ive completed my IELTS speaking on 26th March 2019.
Part 1:
Which part of your city do you reside currently?
How long you’ve been residing in this location?
What kind of improvisation should we do to your current locality?
It is preferred by tourists?
Are you a patient person?
If not why?
What should an anxious person do to overcome their anxiousness?
Part 2 :
Talk a free day from work or study which you had recently.
– What did you do?
– How was it different ?
– Why was it special?
Part 3 :
Lets talk about movies
Who is your favorite actor?
Do you think any Hollywood actor can do well in Indian movie?
Would you like to be an Actor?
Lets talk about leisure..
Is a free time / leisure important to a person? why?
Adult’s leisure time has changed over time?
Is the leisure time and activities done by men and women are different?
What do people do in their leisure time in your city?
Would you like to have another free day as we discussed in part 2 ?
Quite honestly, my speaking exam went like a blur. I told myself to remain calm however I sounded so ‘high’ most part of the session. Can you believe I told the examiner I want to be an actress if given an opportunity! LOL For those of you prepping for Speaking IELTS, I encourage you to prep well and just go with the flow and enjoy the conversation. Good luck!


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