RECENT EXAM Egypt MARCH 24, 2019


I had taken writing & speaking test yesterday (Academic). It’s my turn to share my experience, as following:
– Reading and listening: I did not remember exactly. They were similar to some tests in IELTS Cambridge books., but not as difficult as in these books.
Experience: Listening: do not turn to next pages unless you were asked to so.
– Writing:
+ Task 1: 2 maps of a same land area in 1980 and 2000. Describe what it changed (I also did not remember the question exactly)
+ Task 2: Many people expect that the proportion of old people will be more than the young people in the future. Do you think it is positive or negative?
Experience: read questions carefully, spend time to list ideas. Sadly, I spent more than 30 minutes for the task 1 and as a result, I did not have enough time for the task 2.
– Speaking:
+Part 1: Some question about my current living place.
+Part 2: Describe a time when you found something which someone lost
+ Part 3: some relevant question with the topic
Experience: listen to questions carefully, speak naturally, not try to remember what you prepared.
Honestly, I did not do all of skills well, especially writing and speaking. I had a lot of mistakes about vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation and ask for repeating questions many times. I disappointed so much when I finished my speaking test.
I’m trying to console myself that it’s a good chance for me to gain experience and know where my English ability is. I will prepare, improve and take another exam. Fighting!
Note: you should prepare a thick coat, temperature of exam rooms would be very cold. My hands seemed to be frozen and find it difficult to write.
Good luck, everyone and thank you so much again.


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