Recent IELTS Exam Writing Questions 2018 (Academic Module)


Writing Task is not going to be easy. Yes, even if you have got good command over English, you may not be able to write well until or unless you understand what it all takes to write more effectively. Before taking the IELTS Writing, it is crucial to pay attention to some basic things,.

You shall know more number of words. You will have to have good command over word usage. You shall know which word is to be used and which word not to be used, how to write grammatically correct, how to avoid grammatical errors, how to select the words which describe the thoughts in the most effective way and more importantly, how to bring coherence in the task so that nothing goes wrong and your answer brings for you the best score which you are looking for.

Here, we have listed down 2018 IELTS writing task 2 questions. Understand these questions and see if you can answer them well. You can also have the option to upload your answers for any writing task 2 question which we have given here. You can place your answer in the comment box.

Selected IELTS Writing Task 2 Questions 2018

1. There are many people who believe good education will help get good job? Do we study to be civilized and serve the nation or do we gain higher education for the purpose of earning? To what extent is this right? Support your answer with any relevant example.

2. With progression of technology, we have seen steady decline in traditional cultures. Is it not possible that people have these two things together and lead a better life? To what extent you agree or disagree.

3. There are many countries where old buildings are regarded the specimen of the history and they are protected while some argue that they shall be demolished or knocked down and new ones shall be built which can serve the public? Do you think maintaining old buildings is important? Do you think history shall be preserved or is it standing on way to success for the country?
4. There are people who believe animals shall not be exploited and they shall have same rights which humans enjoy but there are others who argue that animals are for human use and they are for the needs to be fulfilled – do you agree or disagree? Give your opinion.

5. Today, blood sports have become more or less like entertainment for the local audience. But, in a society it is regarded as uncivilized activity and it is cruel. What is your opinion? Support your answer with any relevant example if you can.

6. In the past, people used to give more importance to arts but now, people do not. Do you think it is a positive move? Give your opinion on it.

7. Government shall not spend money on arts or anything related to arts activity. Instead, government shall come forward and spend the same money for helping locals. To what extent do you agree or disagree with the statement? Give your opinion.


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