Scraping Through IELTS Writing Test – What Can Bring Band Score 7 or Above 7?


Do you sound intelligent when you make use of written words? Or in simple words, when you write down to express your thoughts on any subject?

Talk About Subject

It is important that you should talk about what the IELTS Writing Test task is. Yes, whether it is Writing Task 1 or Writing Task 2, you will gain a score depending on how well you have described the given subject. If you are asked to write a letter to your father talking about your graduation day then you are supposed to describe the same without meandering along with anything unnecessary (like lengthy salutations or greetings which might take up 20-50 words).

Try to be as Specific as You Can and as Elaborative as You Can.

This is needed but this doesn’t mean that you should write more than what is needed. Yes, you will not have to cross your word-count. Your letter or the essay has to be more specific but within the same word count that is given such as 150 words for Task 1 and 250 words for the Task 2.

Write Short But Smart Sentences

Do not write long sentences. Try to cut down your sentences into smaller pieces. You will not have to make use of complex sentences. Be simple and be more explicit. It’s always good to make use of Active Voice. Yes, your examiner would look for SVO sentences (Subject, Verb, and Object). And not just sentences, you will have to keep paragraphs small too. Yes, do not add lengthy paragraphs.

Structuring Your Answer

Try to structure your answer in a unique way by making use of the simple words, same-length sentences, and same-length paragraphs.
Never make use of big words

One of the biggest mistakes which most of the IELTS test-takers commit is that they make use of the big words. Yes, they make use of high-profile, difficult-to-understand, or more complex words. There is this misconception among most of the test-takers that if they make use of complex words then this will help them attract the examiner and they can get a good score. But, alas, this is certainly not the case. On contrary, this can lead to trouble for you. This can lead to low band score. Yes, you have read aright. Therefore, try to be as simple as you can. Do not make use of complex words. If you can represent your thoughts in more general and acceptable English with words that are common and easy-to-understand then it is just enough to get a good score like band 7 or above 7.

And it is also important that you should avoid making use of “Fluff Words.” Example of such words can be little, rather, very, fairly etc. These words often do not give complete meaning and they can be confusing.

Grammar Checks

It is always good to check grammar before you submit. Proofread, edit as needed so that there should be no error of any kind. Nine times out of ten, candidates get a low score in their test because of bad grammar. So, try to write more grammatically. If you are not perfect at it then it is advisable that you should spend some time in learning it.


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