Task 1 (1)


Secondary School Attendance

  2000  2005  2009
Specialist Schools 12% 11% 10%
Grammar Schools 24% 19% 12%
Voluntary-controlled  Schools 52% 38% 20%
Community Schools 12% 32% 58%


Model Answer

The table illustrates the percentage of school children attending four different types of secondary school from 2000 to 2009.

It is evident that the specialist, grammar and voluntary-controlled schools experienced declines in numbers of pupils, whereas the community schools became the most important providers of secondary school education during the same period.

To begin, the proportion in voluntary-controlled schools fell from just over half to only 20% or one fifth from 2000 to 2009. Similarly, the relative number of children in grammar schools  just under one quarter  dropped by half in the same period. As for the specialist schools, the relatively small percentage of pupils attending this type of school (12%) also fell, although not significantly.

However, while the other three types of school declined in importance, the opposite was true in the case of community schools. In fact, while only a small minority of 12% were educated in these schools in 2000, this figure increased to well over half of all pupils during the following nine years.


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