I just wanted to send gratitude for the classes. The material and lessons really helped me to improve my reading rom 4 to 7.5. I wasn't able to have a high score in writing and speaking but overall it was great. Anyways, the class helped me alot. Thank you so much. My final scores were ( L 8.0, R 7.0, W 7.0, S 7.5 )
Satvinder Kaur ( Savi), Netherland
I approached the AUSSIE IELTS with the expectation of good guidance, assistance, friendly approach and more importantly faculty competence. No doubt AUSSIE IELTS meets all the expectations. I thank and appreciate the support provided by the staff members and the faculty.
Tanya Gupta
I have known this for about few month ago. Even my sister also took the IELTS training here and she was able to score well and I too have experienced the same. All thanks to the faculty. I think he is the best in the field. This academy has helped me a lot in the stepping stone of my life. Thanks to the management and all the staff for giving such a good hospitality.
Harshwinder Kaur
Classes were very helpful in preparation for IELTS examination. Staff and teachers were very supportive during the entire course. I suggest that there should be more practice in classes on writing Essays and letters. Emphasis should be given on writing section as I felt that listening and reading could be managed. Overall I felt it was good to be prepared from the IELTS academy
Amanjot, Melbournea
I really great to be a part of AUSSIE IELTS. It helps me to pin point my week areas/skills in English. It helps me to enhance my IELTS skill. I felt very comfortable while I was practicing. With the help of Mock Test I came to know my level of IELTS, which really worth full in IELTS exam, overall, experience with faculty and staff really incredible. My result is (L&R 8.5, W 7.0, S 7.5 )I enjoyed my classes and practice section very much. I really thankful to entire team.
Samuel, USA
It's a place where you can excel your hidden talents. Practice makes man perfect, so this is also a place where practice gain, learnt many things during your classes. Few people are talented or interested in only few things, for example I like speaking, listening and writing, but I don't like to read/ reading. But after going to classes here I was able to get interest and I did very well in my reading test(main exam). This shows that AUSSIE IELTS as encouraged me and trained me to get success in the main exam. On the whole it's the place where you can learn a progress to your success
Navita Jakhal
The faculty is really good, especially Ms. Navpreet, his way of teaching and giving attention to each student is nice. He covered parts of speech and tenses and other grammar portions which was a refresh for us and was very useful. Even Mr. Sandeep sir was clearing each doubt we had I reading section. This institutions have made me very confident on taking the IELTS exam. And Yes; mocks test and correction of answers are very useful.
Mohammad Tariq, UAE