Travel and Holidays


Travel and Holidays

1. accommodation: a room or building in which you stay during holidays or live.
2. all holiday: a time after you lost your job.
3. all-inclusive: a hotel deal where the price includes accommodation, meals and drinks at any time.
4. half-board: if you request ¡®half-board¡¯ at a hotel, breakfast and dinner would be included in the hotel price
5. full-board: if you request ¡®full-board¡¯ at a hotel, that would include all three meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) in the price of your accommodation.

6. self-catering: a holiday deal where meals are not provided.
7. to book (something): to arrange and confirm a place on a flight, a room in a hotel or a ticket for an event in the future.
8. breathtaking view: an amazing view.
9. busman¡¯s holiday: when you spend your free time similarly to the time when you work. This expression comes from the idea that a bus driver would spend his holiday traveling somewhere on a bus.
10. charter flight: a cheap regular flight.
11. check-in desk: the place at the airport where you register for your flight and deposit your luggage.
12. far-off destination: a distant place.
13. getting away from it all: escaping in order to rest from a daily routine.
14. go off the beaten track: to visit an uncommon place.
15. guided tour: a tour in which a group of people is guided by an expert.
16. head for: go in a direction for.
17. holiday brochure: a publication with details of holiday.
18. holiday destination: where you go for a holiday.
19. in the middle of nowhere: in a place that is far away from where most people live.
20. out of season: not within the main holiday period.
21. picturesque village: a nice, beautiful village.
22. stunning landscape: a beautiful countryside.
23. to go sightseeing: to go visiting sights of interest.
24. tourist attractions: places which tourists tend to visit.


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