Writing Vocabulary


Learn vocabulary step by step:

Example:Life is an evanescent affair.

Example:Student life is full of mirth.

3.Genocide:(killing of large number of people)
Example:Hitler attempted to do a genocide of Jews.

Example: Students go abroad to make lot of money as in India they get paltry sum.

5.feudal:(big landlords)
Example: The CEO’s of multinationals are the new feudal lords.

Example:The Indian player received standing oration.

7.Renounce:(to give up)
Example:Buddha renounced his crown in search of spiritual peace.

8.fitful:(not continuous)
Example: He was suffering from fitful fever.

9.Levy:(impose tax)
Example: Fresh levies will be politically harmful for the minority govt.

Example: He is known for his quicksilver mood:one second he is happy,next moment he is angry.


Example: The genesis of Bangladesh is traced to Pakistan.

12.Magnum opus:(masterpiece)
Example: Mona Lisa was Leonardo’s magnum opus.

13.Quorum:(sufficient number of member to pass an order)
Example: No resolution could be moved in the meeting for the back of quorum.

Example: The boss was inimical to me and I was forced to resign.

Example:The clerk was dismissed for tampering with the office records.

16.Sabotage:(damage knowingly)
Example:The opposition is trying to sabotage the elections.

17.Ominous:(something bad in future)
Example: Smoking at an early age is ominous for his health.

18.Faux pas :(social error)
Example:He committed a faux pas in the wedding by calling his wife.”Behanji”

Example: A gentleman is always fair in his dealings and refrains from taking part in convert activities.

20.Burgeon:(grow rapidly)
Example: We have a burgeoning computer industry in our country.

Example:She asked her brother reason for aberration in his behavior.

Example:To score one’s maiden century at Lord’s is a rare thing.

23.Oasis:(pleasant place surrounded by unpleasant ones)
Example: Mr.Raghav’s neatly-maintained house is on oasis in the middle of the dirty village.

Example: A prudent person is careful in avoiding risks ,difficulties etc.

Example: He was an accomplice in the theft as he helped another person do wrong.

26.Alias:(name other than one’s usual name)
Example:Along with the name of Chandraswami,he is also known as K.N. Agarwal alias Mamaji.

27.Marooned:(left in place where no one lives )
Example:Robinson Crusoe was marooned on an island.

28.Nominal:(in name,but not in reality)
Example: Sonia Gandhi is the real person in charge of operations while Mr.Singh is only a nominal head.

29.Rock bottom:(at low level)
Example: In the absence of a good atmosphere,their performance is likely to hit rock bottom.

The nexus between the underworld and the politicians is very disturbing.

The car accident mutilated his arms and legs.

He is at the outright a traitor.

Jews are stingy by nature.

34.Precocious:(prematurely developed)
He was a precocious child who learnt to speak at the age of four.


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